Since our primary focus is on extended canoe/backpack trips, our time in camp is a place of rest and rejuvenation. Forestcraft Camp is situated on the Upper Saranac lake, nestled in Gilpen Bay. While we do share the bay with a few other private camps, the lay of the land is such that it feels we have the whole lake to ourselves. Campers spend only a handful of days there, primarily for drop off and pick-up, but also for down time in between trips. What makes Forestcraft Camp unique is that while in camp, campers have the freedom to choose what they would like to do; there are no scheduled activities. This freedom of choice allows for time to rest, swim, fish, volleyball, horseshoes, boardgames and woodcraft.

Game Room
Dinning Room

The lake offers plenty of space for swimming, canoeing or just lounging in the water. Campers can take out paddleboards, or hop in a canoe and go fishing. There is a trained lifeguard present at all times and campers must take a swim test at the begining of camp. There is a small wood shop located at camp where campers have the option of spending time. All power equipment is operated by staff, but campers are free to develop their own project. In past summers campers built a Viking Chess board game, concentrating specifically on carving authentic looking chess pieces. Camp is also a time for honing trail skills such as map reading, preparing trail food like our homemade trail bars, and unwinding between trips. Ultimately, Forestcraft Camp is about family and community. We strive to develop a group cohesion and spirit of co-operation. Each meal in camp is eaten family style and all camp and staff are present. Meals are home cooked by Amy Musick and have become easily one of the most loved aspects of camp.



438 Gilpen Bay Rd, Lake Saranac, Ny 12983   (646) 220-2068


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