Forestcraft is an "active" camp, and campers will be challenged on 4-5 day extended trips, with the possibility of trips lasting up to 14 days. These expeditions involve hiking with 20-30 pound backpacks, along mountainous terrain and on long canoe days. All applicants must be in a physical and mental shape to face these challenges. Additionally, we are a team oriented camp where every member of the group depends on the others, so campers must be able to work cooperatively. Forestcraft is a small, intimate camp and currently there are only 9 camper slots for a 3 week camp. Priority goes to past campers and families, which means that open spots are limited. Applications are considered in a first come, first served basis with consideration paid to a few factors. 

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Camp is located at:

438 Gilpen Bay Rd - Upper Saranac Lake - Ny - 12983 


Dates: Sunday July 7th- Sunday August 28th


Forestcraft Camp- $2,700 (3 Weeks)



438 Gilpen Bay Rd, Lake Saranac, Ny 12983   (646) 220-2068


Forestcraft Expeditions


Dan  Musick