Forestcraft is a community. The camp is run by husband and wife Dan Musick (46er) and Amy Musick, and the staff are former campers who have found that after a few years of being led, they are ready to take on leadership roles themselves. 



Dan Musick - Director

(Wilderness First Responder/Lifeguard, ADK 46er)

Amy Musick - Cook

Lily Musick - Coordinator of play

Dan has been an avid backpacker since high school. His travels have taken him throughout the trails of the United States as well as across many wild places in international lands. He worked for several years teaching environmental education in Denali National Park, Alaska, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming and Yosemite National Park, California. Over the past 20 years he has developed several outdoor education programs for various schools in Washington DC and New York City and currently leads expeditions trips for the United Nations School in New York City. Dan is currently an administrator at the Dalton School in New York City. Amy Musick is also a teacher - of music (of course) - at 75 Morton a public school in New York, NY.  Amy has a long standing tradition with the Adirondacks having been a camper at Camp Fowler in Speculator, NY as a child, and then Assistant Director as an adult. She too has a love of travel and along with Dan, has adventured in numerous countries abroad.  As Camp Cook, Amy ensures that campers enjoy healthy and great tasting food both on and off the trails and lakes.  Lily Musick loves to be outdoors and spends her summers at camp entertaining the campers and learning how to swim, paddle, shoot a basket, toss a frisbee, and enjoy a spectacular Adirondack sunset .



438 Gilpen Bay Rd, Lake Saranac, Ny 12983   (646) 220-2068



Trip Leaders

Thomas Spackman:

First-Aid Certified

Thomas has been a counselor at Forestcraft Camp for the past two years and was a camper for several years before that. He also holds the honor of being the first ever recipient of the Wolfman Award (actually the award was created due to Thomas's amazing outdoor skills and leadership) and he has completed the Saranac 6 and the Cranberry 50. Thomas is a  steady, calm and a strong leader that all campers look to and hope to be on the trail with. This summer should be the summer Thomas finishes his 46er and see's his name on one of the camp challenge paddles. 


Justin Arundell

Lifeguard Certified 
First-Aid Certified  


Justin has been a trip leader at Forestcraft Camp for the past two years now, and has become a true mountain goat. He is a Frolly champ (not an easy feat), completed the Saranac 6, swam the 2 mile Eagle Island challenge, hiked the Cranberry 50 and is working through the 46ers. He is an exceptional trip leader and we are lucky to have him back int he mountains with us this summer. 

Jack Donaldson



Jack has been a camper at Forestcraft for three years, and this year he makes the transition to counselor. He can out-hike just about anyone in the Adirondacks, and this summer, Jack will complete his 46er. He has  completed the Adirondack Canoe Challenge "90 miler" (several times), hiked the Cranberry 50 and is on a quest to become this year's Frolly Champ. 

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